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Les Dominicains  

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The Dominicans were founded in 1216, in the south of France by St. Dominic de Guzman. He left no personal writings but an inspiration founder who is at the origin of the structures and lifestyle brothers and sisters. 

This inspiration is still capable after eight years to generate a fervent desire to join the adventure he started. What characterizes the powerful spiritual experience and holiness of Dominica, is a passionate desire to give salvation to the whole of humanity as did Christ himself. 

The branches of the Dominican Family are numerous: brothers, nuns, congregations of sisters contemplative and apostolic, lay in fraternities or secular institutes, secular priests in brotherhood. "Each has its own character, its autonomy. But participating in all the charisma of Saint Dominic, they share among themselves a unique vocation to be preachers in the Church. (Chapter Mexico, 1992)

This site is the dominican province of Canada.
Language: French
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The London Oratory  

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The London Oratory, 

Brompton Road, London SW7  2RP 
Tel: 0207 808 0900 
The Oratory is a Registered Charity. No. 240702

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The Original Catholic Encyclopedia  

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An International Work Of Reference On The Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, And History Of The Catholic Church.

WELCOME to the home of the largest Catholic Encyclopedia resource on the web.

The Catholic Encyclopedia (TCE) was published in 15 volumes between 1907 and 1912 by the Robert Appleton Company. In 1913 the publisher, renamed as Encyclopedia Press, Inc., released a new edition. A year later (1914) a comprehensive Index was released as Volume 16.

This Original Catholic Encyclopedia (OCE) site holds the complete 16 volume set with the original text of all articles (~11,500) faithfully preserved.

Catholic Answers began the process of creating an authoritative reproduction of this classic, world-renowned reference by scanning 14,000+ pages from the original volumes and processing the scans with OCR software. Issues that arose from the scanning/OCR process were addressed by a team of Catholic editors and technicians. All TCE content on this site was produced by Catholic Answers directly from original Catholic Encyclopedia print volumes.

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Catholic Popes

Catholic Quotes

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Catholic Online  

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Only Catholic Online, located at www.catholic.org, gives the largest and broadest population of Catholics worldwide easy access to comprehensive, educational and timely information about Catholicism, and provides a range of easy methods to integrate their faith into their daily lives. The mission of Catholic Online (COL) is to accurately represent the Catholic religion: its “past” and present. Today, Catholic Online provides over five million pages of content including the largest online historical and biblical database about the Catholic Church including comprehensive information about over 7,000 Catholic saints and comprehensive online scriptures from all books of the Old and New Testament.

Catholic Online reaches a highly targeted audience of over to 100 thousand Catholic users per day and up to 1 million page impressions per day. Visitors come from over 120 countries around the world. Over 100,000 users take advantage of free email accounts and access COL every day!

Catholic Online has consistently provided the world wide Catholic Community with dependable and reliable content and Internet services for over 10 years. We have the largest Catholic Online presence on the Internet. In order to continue to build OUR Catholic Online Community your active support is needed.

Recent announcements from the Vatican on the use of the Internet as a strategic communications tool for the church will create an increase in support for sites targeting the Catholic audience.

Dedicating our
online presence to
Our Lady
of Guadalupe.

Why would you support ANY other business but Catholic Online for your complete Catholic Internet Service needs? Click here to see our Services

Dedicating our
online presence to
Our Lady
of Guadalupe.


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Servants of the Pierced Heart of Jesus and Mary  

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  • "We are protagonists of our present; we are the actual builders of this history. God wants to write -- through our hearts, our lives and our fiats
  • -- the history of salvation; a history of love, of grace, of life, of communion and of holiness." (Mother Adela, Foundress SCTJM)

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Our Lady of the Rosary Parish  

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Catholic Church, Blackfen


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Catholic On The Net  

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Catholic.net is a web based apostolate, directed by the Legionaries of Christ and Regnum Christi Movement, intended to equip Catholics with information to help them build a Christlike character, so that they can engage and transform the culture with the Truth of the Gospel transmitted to us by the Holy Mother Church, which is One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

In Answer to our late Pope, John Paul II, Catholic.net aims to form an online Catholic community committed to evangelize the social world by building up the Kingdom of Christ through their Families, Parishes, Dioceses, and general communities. To foster this commitment Catholic.net promotes interaction among Catholics worldwide through information sharing and online interactive tools. Fundamentally Catholic.net serves as an online platform to build synergies among the various apostolic initiatives.

Catholic.net is supported by the generosity of its donors, and the invaluable work of its volunteers who are religious and laypersons from congregations and movements faithful to the Magisterium. Most and foremost Catholic.net is made possible by the prayers of our community and of Our Lady of Guadalupe, our patroness, to whom the intentions of this apostolate and of all the people it serves is entrusted.

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Catholic Answers  

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MISSION STATEMENT Catholic Answers is one of the nation’s largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization. Its mission statement explains its purpose:
Catholic Answers is an apostolate dedicated to serving Christ by bringing the fullness of Catholic truth to the world. We help good Catholics become better Catholics, bring former Catholics “home,” and lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the faith. We explain Catholic truth, equip the faithful to live fully the sacramental life, and assist them in spreading the Good News.

BEGINNINGS Catholic Answers began in 1979 after a Fundamentalist church in San Diego, California, decided to leaflet the cars at a local parish during Mass. The fliers attacked the Eucharist and were riddled with misinformation. Upon coming out of Mass and finding one on his car, attorney Karl Keating was annoyed and drove home with a modest goal: to draft a tract that would present basic Catholic beliefs and refute anti-Catholic charges. Keating signed the tract “Catholic Answers,” opened up a post office box in that name, and then placed his rebuttal on the windshields of cars in the Fundamentalist church’s lot.

That modest effort was Catholic Answers’ first publication. Much to his surprise, Keating soon found the post office box bulging with letters—some unquotable, others cheering him on and asking for other tracts. He obliged, writing 24 more tracts that comprised Catholic Answers’ total line of publications for several years.

He also wrote articles for the Catholic press about the clash between Fundamentalists and Catholics, drawing responses that convinced him there was a real need for information on Catholic apologetics—the study of how to explain and defend the faith. In 1986 he launched a monthly newsletter to help people keep abreast of what Catholic Answers was doing and learn more about the exciting field of apologetics.

In 1988 growing demand and his own burgeoning desire to commit himself to serving the faith led Keating to close his law practice and turn Catholic Answers into a full-time apostolate, with its first office and staff members.

The apostolate grew quickly, and in 1990 its original newsletter was replaced with This Rock, a 10-issue-a-year magazine that has become the nation’s premier journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.

SERVICES The demand for solid information has turned Catholic Answers into the preeminent apostolate of its kind. Its dedicated full-time staff and volunteers respond to the questions, needs, and pleas of tens of thousands of people a year, in multiple ways. Catholic Answers offers:
A growing collection of books, tracts, booklets, audiocassettes, and videotapes published by the apostolate and designed to bring the public the best in Catholic apologetics and evangelization. These may be ordered through Catholic Answers’ on-line catalogue, along with hundreds of solid, faith-building resources by other top-notch Catholic publishers.
This Rock magazine, the premier peridoical on apologetics and evangelization;
The Catholic Century Seminars program, in which staff apologists and other top-notch speakers lead more than 200 conferences, seminars, and retreats throughout the country every year. “Catholic Answers Live”, a daily, two-hour, live, call-in radio broadcast heard on over 100 AM/FM stations nationally, as well as internationally via shortwave and the Internet. Participants in the broadcasts include many important and influential figures in the Catholic community.
A Correspondence Department that provides answers to the pressing questions of thousands of people who contact Catholic Answers each year.
A web site that presents a broad range of information about Scripture and the teachings of the Church and that assists visitors in tapping into the various branches of the apostolate.
SUPPORTING CATHOLIC ANSWERS We rely on tax-deductible donations from the laity for the majority of our support. Even though our work has the approval of many bishops in the United States and other countries, we do not ask dioceses for direct assistance. The balance of our support comes mainly through the sale of good Catholic literature, tapes, and magazine subscriptions.

You can make a tax-deductible gift to Catholic Answers on-line or you can send it as a check made payable to:

Catholic Answers
P. O. Box 199000
San Diego, CA 92159

A receipt will be mailed to you.

You also can help the apostolate by making a bequest to the organization.

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  • A vast network of communication professionals
  • SIGNIS is a non-governmental organization that includes members from 140 countries. As the "World Catholic Association for Communication", it brings together radio, television, cinema, video, media education, Internet, and new technology professionals.
  • SIGNIS was created in November 2001 from the merger between two organizations (Unda, for radio and television; and OCIC, for cinema and audiovisual) that were both created in 1928. Its very diversified programmes cover fields such as the promotion of films or television programmes (juries at important festivals: Cannes, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Venice, Ouagadougou...), the creation of radio, video, and television studios, production and distribution of programmes, supplying specialized equipment, training professionals...
  • SIGNIS has consultative statutes with UNESCO, Ecosoc (United Nations in Geneva and New York), the Council of Europe. SIGNIS is officially recognized by the Vatican as a Catholic organization for communication.
  • Objectives

    SIGNIS has among its objectives:

    - To promote a Christian understanding of the importance of human communication in all cultures.

    - To engage in activities which motivate and encourage participation in the betterment of the communications environment on the basis of Christian values.

    - To be open to and promote ecumenical and inter-religious collaboration in communication activities.

    - To promote communication policies that respect Christian values, justice and human rights.

    - To foster dialogue with communication professionals on moral, spiritual and professional issues.

    - To participate in the formation of public opinion based on sound ethical and spiritual values.

    - To support media education at all levels.

    - To participate in the world forums of communication.

    - To facilitate mutual support among the members through dialogue and professional development.

    - To represent Catholic media’s in several organizations and institutions, governmental or not.

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Centro Católico de Evangelización  

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  • -- the history of salvation; a history of love, of grace, of life, of communion and of holiness." (Mother Adela, Foundress SCTJM)
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Centro Católico de Evangelización

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN)  

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When Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) was launched on August 15, 1981, many felt there would be little demand for a Catholic network. Now, in its 27th year, EWTN has become the largest religious media network in the world, transmitting programming 24 hours a day to more than 148 million homes in 140 countries and territories on more than 4,800 cable systems, wireless cable, Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), low power TV and individual satellite users.

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